The Fall

by Brutally Mutilated

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Second official release by Brutally Mutilated.


released August 16, 2010

Recorded in Hellsound Studio, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jarek Wysocki (Impact Sound)



all rights reserved


Brutally Mutilated Żary, Poland

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Track Name: Blaspheme the Monument
I stand in the immortal light
Triumph of the timeless wisdom
The greatest source of all values
"Must" - the most important word of my philosophy
Engraved on the thousands of my scales
Blinding by the brightest shine

I despise your pathetic being
Liberty and your conception of truth
Closed within your sense
I am the personification of all morality
Dogmas of the merciless fear
My kingdom built of the bodies of servants

Your face made of their flesh
Your eyes full of dead dreams
Your tears are screams for freedom
Your body - morality of slaves

My disdain like a fist to your face
My hatred decomposing your rotting domination
My free will like a knife to your wrist
My hand - the one making decapitation

Crown is falling down
Defiled symbol of all holiness
And dogmatic truths of tainted lord
Desecrated monument - the underrated gift

My hand - the one making decapitation
Track Name: Footprints in the Ash
I am walking slowly
My footprints mark the way in the ash
Way in the ruins
Among destroyed towers
Signs of pride levelled
Among the remains of monuments,
which eyes know about the end

Final doom
Art of words of annihilation
Spit burning deceit like acid
Once more I see in my dreams

World like great altar
Pending its legs to show rot
and shattering before loneliness

Standing in the wild
among the silence
I take the hammer and to awake
I fuck up the last monument

I know that soon
Its crash will be heard
By everyone
Track Name: The Fall
See them walking
Masquerade of death
With casket in hands
Higher purpose now ends
There is no light
There is no sound
There is no truth to be revealed above
Only the mist of the unknown

See them standing
Pathologies of nothingness
Malformed creatures
Absurdity manifests
There is no hope
There is no glory
There is no peace at this vast warfield
Only the sorrow of defeat

Pain and woe
World's a temple of bones
Crush inside a being
World's a temple of ash

Oh Lord! Come from the depths of nothingness
Give us hand and lead to the Place of a Skull
Oh Lord! Run the mechanism of the universe
Trample our souls as we can't feel

They are marching forward
Tears mark their faces
Night fell on them
Fulfilled their veins

Dead inside
Seeking for remains of chains
Which kept their hands in a dark cave
Where their dancing shadows reflected reality

They were born crucified
They give birth astride on a grave!

Eli, Eli lama sabachthani!